How to use this EAR Handbook

This EAR Handbook is designed to be used in a workshop situation, or by individuals. It can be used for beginners at a workshop, or by those who already have skills or some experience of EAR.

This EAR Handbook is especially designed so that it can be used in running an EAR workshop. We have included some trainer's notes to give some guidance on how the workshops might be run. Here are a few general tips if you are using it to run a workshop:

  • Give copies to all participants.
  • Keep the workshop participatory with plenty of exercises and discussions.
  • Do plenty of small group work
    • Equipment needed - flip chart paper, possibly over head projector or data projector; copies of examples and exercises in paper form or access to computers to view them; pens, paper, coloured markers; large sheets of paper.
    • The handbook includes a lot of exercises. Try them out, think about the best mix for your workshop. For the main toolbox exercise some pre-planning is required. You will need to find locations for this exercise to take place, and will need to get relevant permissions.

This workshop will ideally take 5 days:

  • Introduction to EAR - 1 day.
  • Toolbox - 2 days.
  • Dealing with data - 1 day.
  • Getting started - 1 day.

It is an intense workshop so build in plenty of time to relax, discuss and practice.

If you are not in a workshop situation, you can work through this handbook as an individual - or, preferably, a small group. You can adapt the exercises to suit your environment and circumstances.

You can dip into the handbook to refresh certain aspects of EAR, refine your skills, or you can take a linear route through the handbook - which is the best route for beginners.

Recommended route through EAR training for beginners:

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