Trainers notes: Getting Started

Introduction In this Section participants start planning how they will apply EAR to their particular project. They will learn about planning research and will draft a research plan for a specific project.
Timing/duration 1 day split into four 2-3 hour blocks.
Target audience Those intending to use EAR in their projects, including those who will take on the role of EAR researcher.
Prerequisite skills/knowledge Section One, Two and Three of the EAR Handbook must be completed by participants (biginners).
Unit objectives/expected outcomes Participants will be clear on how they can use EAR in their own work and will have a draft research plan to take back to their colleagues and to other stakeholders for further discussions.
Pre-workshop activities None required.
Notes on using exercises If the participants are working on projects which are very similar or part of a broader program, they should work in teams for both exercises. Groups should present the completed exercise to the workshop participants. One person should be nominated to type the plan and circulate to the group after the workshop.
Equipment needed Large sheets of paper, text markers, space for group discussions, computers if available.
Comments It is suggested that some discussion takes place during this final day of training on how the participants will be supported after the training workshop. A website to share research data, field visits by lead researchers and ongoing communication are all suggested as ongoing support mechanisms for this training.

Day Five: Getting Started with EAR

AM 1 Session 1 Introduction Exercise 1
    Research Planning Exercise 1 and Exercise 2
    Considering resources for research Exercise 3
    Getting started  
AM 2 Session 2 Integrating EAR into your project Brainstorming local EAR systems
    Designing a Research Plan Developing Project based Research Plans
PM 1
Session 3 Designing a Research Plan (contd.) Developing Project based Research Plans
    Discussion of Research Plans Group presentations of plans
PM 2 Session 4 Workshop Evaluation Participants complete Questionnaire and Discussion