1.5 Getting the Most out of Ethnographic Action Research

The findings from Ethnographic Action Research activities must be fed into the ongoing activities of an initiative if they are to be of any use. EAR researchers should play a role in making sure research is both appropriate and understood by all concerned. They can do this through:

  • Regular discussions with staff, volunteers, stakeholders and participants;
  • Regular verbal reporting of research findings;
  • Regular written reports;
  • Regular participation and contribution to planning and evaluation meetings;
  • Regular participation and contribution to staff and community meetings;
  • The development of indicators where appropriate to gauge how the initiative is doing;
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the results.

EAR is a resource that will only be effective for the initiative if it is integrated into all activities. If everyone involved in the initiative understands that Ethnographic Action Research is there to help them do a good job, and is a valuable resource that they can call upon when needed, a ' research culture' will develop within the initiative and Ethnographic Action Research will be effective.